Hello! My name is Manolo Ruiz.
I'm a Front-end Developer &
Web Designer based in Osaka.

Manolo Ruiz

If you are looking for a web designer or front-end developer, look no further!

I'm here to help you bring to life that web site in your mind.

This is what I do…

There are multiple devices, but just one Web.

People surf the web at home on their computers, but they also check the news on their way to work using their smart phones, and use their tablets to read their favourite blogs or magazines relaxing at a coffee shop.

One of my goals is to make your site not only viewable but also usable on any device. It doesn't matter if your users use their computers or their smart phones to access your site, they will always get the best experience adapted to their device.

… and this is who I am.

Just the web designer & front-end developer you are looking for. Why don't we talk?

Following are some of the web sites I've work on.

Click through to see more on Behance.

Now it's time to talk, so don't hesitate to drop me a line… or two.

Just to say hello, or to talk business, either way here I am.